Turn It Gold

Turn it Gold with Passion!

Passion Works Studio has teamed up with Turn it Gold and Turn it Gold OU to help promote childhood cancer awareness and research. Only 4% of research dollars are dedicated to pediatric study. Children with Down Syndrome have a 20% increased chance of experiencing leukemia.

Collaborating with community members & athletic teams we are creating art projects that are installed in public locations and sporting arenas. We have expanded our product line to include Turn it Gold themed items with 20% of sales dedicated to the Turn it Gold non-profit.

 Our dream is to create installations within hospital and public spaces to raise spirits and awareness for childhood cancer. turnitgold.org


Turn it Gold 

Turn It Gold is a foundation fiercely positioned in sharing and communicating the hard facts about childhood cancer and connecting families together through an online bravery platform. They aim to unify the childhood cancer community and provide a bold voice for the brave children and families in support of research advancements, expanded treatments and cures for childhood cancer. #TURNITGOLD

Turn it Gold Ohio University 

Turn It Gold fights for the voiceless youth in the pursuit of elevating childhood cancer awareness and generating bold action through online story sharing, events and media with hopes to change the percentage of dollars invested in childhood cancer research and make a real difference for a cure.